My Testimony - RESET


This is not the way I planned my life.  I had all the things a man could want; a 19 year marriage, 2 sons, a nice home and a thriving Church.  But, in 2009 my life started falling apart.  I lost my 18 year old son in a car accident.  In 2010 my wife fell into depression and left.  In 2011 my younger son moved 1500 miles away to attend college, leaving me completely alone.  I could no longer afford the family home and I lost it in foreclosure...and eventually I lost the Church, too.  My life was a wreck. I was in an intimate relationship with a woman...and we weren't married.  I lied to cover my sin and shame and when confronted, I couldn't deal with it.   I had lost almost everything, and the little that was left I was ruining.  I was broken and dead in my sin and I KNEW IT!   Then, when I was finally willing to give up,  God pushed the RESET button.  He was raising me from the "spiritually dead".  Sin and death had crept in on my life like the wilderness will encroach on an untended field. I was REALLY scared.  But I hadn't considered that every event had been preparing me for this hour

In April 2014, a year before all my sins were confronted, I was 

attending prayer and prophetic services in Baytown, Texas.  While 

 I was there, God spoke three simple words to me: Red Dirt Revival

I knew He was speaking of a coming revival in the red dirt country

of Texas.  I responded with a request: “Will You do what it takes to

make sure I don't miss it Lord? I want to see it with my own eyes.

I want to serve in this revival.”  I had no idea what it would take.  Without repentance, there can be no revival.   I had to repent...and I have.  I moved to Abilene, Texas.  Four days after arriving, He gave me a job doing something I really enjoy – driving a tractor.  There was a lot of healing done in me on that tractor. 

I had no desire to EVER minister the Word of God again.  I am the least worthy to ever teach or preach.  But, God had a different plan.  I am currently preaching a revival series on the radio.  You can hear short messages Monday through Friday called The Revival Minute at 6am, noon and 6pm...and a 30 minute sermon Sundays at 10am on Revival Radio...on 106.9 "The Country Giant" in Abilene, Texas.  A group of young men have joined me in holding revival meetings in small towns and farming communities.  The Red Dirt Revival has begun.  The road has not been easy or comfortable, but it has surely been worth it.  I am a man "raised from the dead".  I am repentant - revived - resurrected.

There is a plan for your life no matter what it may look like right now.  There is a call for revival inside you...RESURRECTION LIFE...don't miss it.  Contact me and let me know if I can serve you or how I can pray for you.